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Announcing the Acanac Scholarship Contest, and How to Stay Out of Student Debt

Investing in your future has never been more expensive for students in Canada.

As part of our mission to save money for all Canadians, Acanac is offering students the chance to win a $1,000 scholarship, just for telling us how the Internet has impacted your field of study.

Students registered at a post-secondary school for the 2017/2018 school year in Ontario and Quebec are eligible to enter to win.

How to Enter the Acanac Scholarship Contest

  • Register on the Acanac Scholarship contest page before September 27, 2017.
  • Tell ushow you think High Speed Internet has changed your chosen field of study by writing a short statement of up to 300 words, or by creating and sharing a 30-second video on Facebook or Twitter using #Acanac.
  • “Like” the Acanac Facebook page or Follow us on Twitter to make sure you don’t miss out on the fun.

Student Debt in Canada

In May of 2017, the Canadian Federation of Students reported that overall, students have amassed a collective debt of $28 billion (yes, with a B).

For many, borrowing money for tuition, books and living expenses while attending post-secondary school is their only option.

In addition to the Acanac Scholarship Contest, we’ve put together a list of tips to help you stretch your student dollar and get ahead of any debt once you’ve completed school.

Choose the right school

Choosing the right school is the first thing you can do to help control costs. The reality is that tuition is expensive everywhere, but some schools are more expensive than others. Carefully review all your needs when considering the options available, and you may be pleasantly surprised to learn that a lower tuition cost doesn’t have to equate to a lesser quality of education.

Choosing a school closer to home can also save you a lot of money, because you have an option to continue living at home rather than paying rent and utilities.

Find a McJob

Believe it or not, the term “McJob” was added to the dictionary in 2003.

Even if you’re getting financial assistance from family or through a student loan, you should consider finding a source of income to help mitigate how much you’ll end up owing when you graduate. Try and find something simple – a McJob that won’t demand too much intellectual bandwidth will allow you to concentrate more of your energy on your studies.

Be thrifty 

When it comes to school and living expenses, you should channel your inner auctioneer and always look for deals or find ways to negotiate lower prices for everything.

Whether it’s the cost of your books (choose used over brand new), that couch you’ve been eyeing on Kijiji, or the interest rate on your student loan – shop around first and seek out the best deal you can. Be sure to also apply for all available student scholarships and bursaries, as these provide a one-time (and in some cases ongoing) funding boost, which you (and your bank account) will be thankful for.

With High Speed Internet and Home Phone Bundles starting at only $39 per month, students throughout Ontario and Quebec are switching to Acanac and discovering why “It’s Good To Be Here”.

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August, 25 2017


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