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Making Life Easy

The fully automated house, where a robot maid makes breakfast and grooming equipment picks an outfit and gets you ready, is still just science fiction, right? Not exactly. You might still need to pick out your own clothes, but breakfast could be waiting for you in the morning, along with a hot cup of coffee and a shower already warmed up to the perfect temperature. In-home automation is a growing industry thanks to Machine-to-Machine (M2M) technology — an advancement that allows devices to share information with each other.

Smart Lighting

It starts with something as simple as a light bulb. An episode of the hit entrepreneur reality show “Shark Tank” highlighted a new lighting product called “Ilumi“. This lighting solution is much more than just a simple light bulb. Combined with an app that allows remote control over lighting, these bulbs turn light into ambiance. Each bulb can be programmed to provide different qualities and colors of light, from a simulated sunrise and sunset, to a light show that responds to music. They can also add to home security by turning on and off as if someone were walking through the home. So, imagine waking up to seemingly natural light on your schedule, all year round. This is what happens when other devices in the home share live data with the lighting system.

Remote Water Temperature Control

Now envision waking up to the sound of the shower running or the bath filling. Bathomatic is one of several automation technologies that allow you to preset a preferred water temperature and depth in your bath or shower remotely from a computer or mobile device. You can also decide whether or not to add bubbles or fragrance. This means no more fiddling with the taps to achieve the perfect bath water, just having your ideal soak or shower waiting for you every morning.

Kitchen Automation

Moving to the kitchen, imagine starting the day with the scent of a hot breakfast and rich coffee without lifting a finger, or mixing up a breakfast casserole the night before and popping it in a cold oven. New M2M tech lets you program your appliances to have everything ready at the same time the next morning. When you walk into the kitchen, freshly showered and ready to face the day, breakfast is waiting.

Near-field communication and Bluetooth technology allow these connected devices to not only talk to the smart device of your choice, but also each other. A smart fridge tracks its own contents, allowing you to see recipes that you can make from what you have on hand. You can also shop with confidence, knowing exactly what you need to buy. New dishwashers can take energy savings to a whole new level by monitoring the cost of power, and only running when it is at its lowest point. Home automation is ready to take off, and all of it can be controlled through M2M technology that puts your home at your fingertips.

Making Life Easier

Acanac is all about enjoying the simple pleasures of the Internet. While our technology won’t make you breakfast or run your bath, we’ll take care of providing you with the right Internet plan based on your needs at a great price.

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Article by:

Nav Kainthrai

Posted on:
January, 13 2017



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