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High Speed Cable Internet

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Download Speed 300 Mbps
Upload Speed 20 Mbps
Installation and Setup FREE (save $79.95)

Price:$85.95 $74.95

Promotional pricing months 1-3 $74.95/month; as of month 4 $85.95/month. $0 Self-Installation. Available to new customers on a 1 year term.

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Limited Time Offer: $50 credit*, $0 Installation. For new Internet customers only.

Compatible Hardware

  • WiFi Modem

    Purchase $129.95
    Rent to own $10 per month (16 payments)
    Rent $8 per month
  • Mesh WiFi

    Rent (Modem + Initial WiFi Pod) $9 per month
    Rent (Additional WiFi Pod) $5 per month

WiFi Modem

A secure Internet gateway device that delivers the Cable Internet connection to your household over coaxial cable. Connect up to 4 devices through Ethernet connections, plus add additional devices wirelessly (WiFi).   With the ability to set your own Network name & Password, it makes the most of your Internet connection by allowing multiple devices online simultaneously.   WiFi enabled modems consist of 1 port to receive an Internet connection & 4 Ports + Wireless technology to deliver the connection to multiple devices. Please note that all our equipment is covered by a 1 year warranty from purchase date for parts and labor & equipment may be refurbished.

*Customers on monthly payment plans will receive a $10 credit/month in months 2 to 6. Customers on yearly payment plans will receive a $50 credit card refund 2 months after service has commenced.