Just would like to say that so far the phone service has been great.. My wife just made a call to Estonia for 19minutes and it only cost 95 cents and she says the connection was perfect. So i'm very happy with the service. The only thing is that tech support needs to be upgraded a bit but that's understandable for a fairly new company. User y2j44

Well after reading many feedbacks and doing lots of research I have signed up with Acanac VOIP. I ordered my package last Wed. Friday my credit card was charged the $19.99 and I received my VOIP router today (Tuesday).

After taking about 45seconds to setup the router and plugging my cordless phone in I checked and sure enough I had a dial tone. I was given a Toll free number and a "647" area code number. (I asked for a "613" area code but with 500mins toll free who cares
ice. All in all, so far two thumbs up:)
User pangalin

If you are an existing customer of ours please take advantage of our Referral Program. Refer10 clients for our High Speed Internet or Phone Service and your fee's will be waived as long as you remain a customer of Acanac Inc.

10 referrals equals: Free service for life

How does it work?
Your friend or associate can sign up for our High speed service by filling out the order form on the Acanac site or by phone.

Upon successful completion of the registration process all you have to do is to give us a call and provide the name of the person you have referred, along with their number. Once you reach 10 referral you will no longer be charged for your High Speed DSL service, as long as you stay with Acanac.

Customer Requirement

You must be a current Acanac.com customer
Referrals must be for new customers.
Account MUST be in good standing.
This offer has no cash value.


Do voip referrals count towards DSL and vice versa?

No, they only count for each specific service.

How long do I have to call to obtain my referral?

You have 30 days from the time the client actives their service to obtain your free month of service.

Do Dial-UP referrals count towards my referral credits?

Sorry, but at the moment we do not have a referral program for dial-up users.

Call:   1-866-281-3538 ,  1-416-849-8520
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