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It was very quick and easy to upgrade our internet. The person on the phone was very helpful.

- Kelly N

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Short wait time, representative was courteous and helpful. He suggested a different package that better suited my needs and was more affordable.

Posted by Nicole L on 14 Jul 2017

i had a very good experience with Acanac and it is one of the best internet providers allover Canada

Posted by Julia R on 13 Jul 2017

We spoke with Mohammad [6829], he was knowledgeable and very helpful.

Posted by Parul S on 10 Jul 2017

Trevor Phillips just helped me tonight, and he was probably the most helpful customer service tech I have talked to in a long time. Thanks Trevor! Craig

Posted by Craig L on 28 Jun 2017

trevor phillies was very professional and fast to resolve my internet situation. he also took time to explain the manouver which I found highly helpful too. again, thank you Trevor…

Posted by Lise T on 14 Jun 2017

11 years with you guys. Happy. Brought 15 customers to you.

Posted by Vitaliy M on 12 Jun 2017

J'tais tanné de Bell pis Vidéotron. Même TechSavi. Au moins chez Acanac, il te traite bien et t'as pas de frais cachés. J'ai déménagé pis ça c'est bien passé même…

Posted by Fabiola R on 07 Jun 2017

I have been with Acanac for many year now. I love their customer support.

Posted by Samantha L on 06 Jun 2017

Some of the best customer service I've ever experienced. very impressed with Acanac.Mohammed this afternoon was very polite and helpful.

Posted by Richard on 12 May 2017

Using the internet speeds and the stability are positive as described. Good ping tests, good overall latency. It will be better to provide higher internet speeds when they are becoming…

Posted by David P on 07 May 2017