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It was very quick and easy to upgrade our internet. The person on the phone was very helpful.

- Kelly N

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I called Accnac support to configure my ATA (Cisco SPA 122) with new proxy settings and luckily got Trevor Phillips on the line, very knowledgeable guy, he knew his stuff…

Posted by Mani M on 28 Apr 2017

This is our third year with Acanac and are happy with the unlimited 10 mbps service. It is a great price and we have two people and sometimes more online…

Posted by Yves V on 27 Apr 2017

Good services. No issues!

Posted by Francois G on 26 Apr 2017

Very affordable and no download cap.Steady internet with no problem. Very happy

Posted by Shenny on 24 Apr 2017

I called to the service and I had a David on line as your representative. He was very friendly and proactive in conversation. I liked his attitude.

Posted by Yury L on 11 Apr 2017

I would highly recommend Acanac for internet service. They are very reliable. I have never had any problems with their internet service. Great customer service as well, very knowledgeable and…

Posted by Nedialka D on 11 Apr 2017

I had been with the top 2 internet provider before, but so far Acanac suited me the best in terms of speed and unlimited use for a reasonable and right…

Posted by Lamberto L on 08 Apr 2017

Very pleased with the internet service with your company. There is not issues with the service and I am saving money each month for the same service. I am telling…

Posted by Mark F on 08 Apr 2017

I called because I was given notice that the payment did not go through on my old credit card as it was cancelled. While speaking to the sales rep he…

Posted by Elijah K on 06 Apr 2017

I call them to upgrade my package. In less than 5 minutes they give me a better price and faster internet. Very fast, great support. Thank you.

Posted by Jf T on 06 Apr 2017